Passion. Vision. Purpose.



Do you remember that kid from school who sold everything you needed? Candy, deodorant, midterm papers, etc. Well he grew up to be Christoph Eley. A consummate entrepreneur, he is the founder of multiple brands. Chris’ passion for business was forged by his love for creation and his upbringing in Newark, New Jersey. Growing poor sparked his obsession with opportunity freedom and his desire to share that obsession through experiences and products.



Perhaps the foundation for his life, creativity is Chris’ biggest asset. He is an artist before anything else. To deter him from the streets his mom forced him to participate in various arts programs after school and during the summer. He began experimenting in several mediums including, drawing, music, and acting. While in high school, Chris began graphic designing professionally. His love for art also has inspired the creation of ‘Urban Bamboo’ and the ‘Cubbies’ Franchise



Chris has a passion for giving. Growing up in Newark, he witnessed the effects of minimal opportunity and resource first hand. At 19 he founded K Heart Impact Agency. This anti poverty non profit combats issues directly causing poverty in urban communities.  From relief for the homeless to education they service hundreds of residents a year. Chris is also an advocate for wildlife conservation, animal rights, and clean energy. Through is work in the community and business, Chris is proving that “there are no limitations.