How are great fighters measured? Some would say by speed. This asset has proven to be crucial to the success of world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather. Others say strength and endurance are a fighters  greatest tool. But, what if I told you neither of these traits are your best bet to victory? According to Bruce Lee, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest martial arts philosophers to live, water is the only thing that will guarantee you success.  Who would think that your 16 ounce bottle of Voss holds the key to winning any fight?

Now, you're probably asking yourself. “What does Bruce Lee and water have to do with success in my 20’s”? Don’t worry it’s all about to make sense. Lee held that a true fighter takes on  water’s greatest trait. Adaption. You see, if you were to pour water into a glass. It would take the shape of that glass. If you poured it into a coffee pot it would take on the shape of the coffee pot. Water becomes whatever it is poured into while still maintaining its identity. More interesting though is it’s ability to overcome obstacles. If you’ve ever watched National Geographic then you’ve probably seen flood footage. Heavy rain causes a river to overflow and the excess spills into a nearby ravine. But what happens when there's a giant boulder in the middle of the ravine?


Does the water push it over? Not always.

When faced with an obstacle water will find a way around it.

Water has even been known to break down a substance over time.

Keep that in mind.

 ( Not Bruce Lee )

(Not Bruce Lee)


Chasing Your Dreams In Your 20’s Is A Losing Game.


Or, so many of us think.

It’s hard to make your vision a reality when the risks seem to outweigh the reward. At every turn we’re faced with an upset or a setback. These defeats can be doubly crippling if you’re an entrepreneur. For some reason you are expected to have life figured out and your financial ducks in a row. The support of your peers seems to be non existent. All of the “we all go through it” and “this is your time to find yourself” is reserved for college students and entry level employees. All you come to expect is “I told you so” or “maybe you should just (insert average job or lifestyle choice)”

Striving for success on your own terms can suck. But doing it in your 20’s has it’s own brand of “shin kick” flavoring. The truth is, this is all supposed to happen.

Whether you realize it or not, the moment you decided to pursue success you agreed to jumping never ending hurdles. Once we acknowledge the desire for abundance within our lives we open the door for changes to take place. And, when we begin to make efforts in the pursuit of greatness we are make a declaration to the universe that not only are we willing to face obstruction but we are equipped with the tools to overcome them. Every disappointment is a segue to an appointment with your destiny!

When you are dedicated to your success you make acquaintances quick with Murphy’s Law. Everything can go wrong. You could lose it all tonight and the only thing that’s going to determine your outcome is how you fight through it. Unless you plan on giving up on your dreams, you’ve got to fight. Success isn’t designed for pacifists. You have to fight. But, you can’t just freestyle it. Strength and endurance won’t cut it alone. Speed will only get you so far. In order to conquer any challenge life throws at you must adopt the guaranteed fighting technique. In order to win the battles along your success journey, you must become like water. And, what exactly does that mean?




Anybody can cry in the face of bad situation. It doesn’t take any special abilities to give up. Remember, “Don’t be a victim of circumstance. Make circumstance fall victim to the grind” I know it feels like the universe is plotting to discredit your hustle. All of your attempts at moving forward feel futile.


The good news is, they’re not. The bad news is they can quickly become just that if you allow adversity to get the best of you. Yes the pain of failure will hurt. Yes, the embarrassment of making mistakes will feel permanent. But the goal is to go through these setbacks and maintain our focus and identity.

Taking on the traits of water will help you achieve level of success you desire in your career. If done right, it can even get you there faster. Below are 6 Qualities You Can Adopt From Water That Build Success


1) Be Transparent

The first step in building massive success is gaining transparency. This means that you should identify and decide on your “why”. Why are you seeking success? Why is it necessary that you become successful. Once you become transparent with your intentions it gets easier to map out your plan of action. Additionally transparency will aid you in brand building. You don’t want to appear shady or untrustworthy. You want clients and partners to happily request your services.


2) Be Present

This is one of my favorite traits of water. Presence has two forms. Your action and everyone else's reaction to it.



Being present is being aware and confident in your ability to act in the moment if need be. Presence is about showing up. Every time! You need to show up every time you enter a room, call, and business meeting. These consistent actions will build a reputation that cause people to react to your presence. People respect and acknowledge your presence. You become imminent. Have you ever been swimming and noticed a rising tide? Imagine a giant wave standing over you. That’s presence.



People respect and acknowledge your presence. You become imminent. Have you ever been swimming and noticed a rising tide? Imagine a giant wave looming over you. That’s the effect of presence.


3) Be Calm

If you want to find the most peaceful place on earth watch a lake or stream. Water is notorious for it’s stillness. In the same way you should face life with same amount of peace. I don’t have to explain the benefits of a stress free life.


4) Be Flexible

If you are building success (especially in your 20’s) chances are things in your life change often. Your ability to adapt to a circumstance determines whether you come out successful or not. The key is to adapt while still maintaining your identity. If you pour water into bottle it will take the shape of the bottle. When a success minded person is placed in a difficult situation they do what is necessary to emerge victorious. If the situation is tough, you become tough in the pursuit of success. If a circumstance is consistently stifling you have to become consistently resilient.


5) Be Formless

Bruce Lee himself believed he had found the key to success in all martial arts when he found that the ultimate style of fighting had no set technique. In entrepreneurial terms, don’t be boxed in. It’s okay if you can’t be placed in a specific category. To be formless is to diversify! Waters formlessness is its strongest attribute. It's literally everywhere. H2O is the most abundant substance in the universe. What do moguls like Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, Puff Daddy have in common? They are known in multiple markets. I'm not saying that you have to spread your  brand to other industries but I am saying that Universal Presence can greatly impact your success.

6) Be Unstoppable

This is my personal favorite attribute . On the surface water is calm, still, and formless but if given the right amount of force and pressure it is virtually unstoppable. In the pursuit of our dreams we must be unmovable. Any obstacle that comes to us is subject to be swept away or gradually dissolved over time. The power in water lies in its ability penetrate almost anything over time.

If we adopt this principle and become like water there is virtually nothing that can keep us from achieving the success we desire. Now, go dominate!